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Child Chiropractic

Simply Chiropractic is a trusted child chiropractic provider in Colorado Springs, CO, that has worked with many different patients over the years. Dr. Chuck Turkowski specializes in helping young children with appropriate and focused therapies that restore their overall back health in many ways.

Children May Suffer Musculoskeletal Health Issues

You might not think that children can suffer from back problems, but it's a sad reality that they do every day. These problems may vary in intensity and include things like minor postural imperfections or even serious scoliosis issues. Some children may also have weaker muscles or bones due to genetic concerns.

Whatever the issue, back problems can cause your child to struggle to stand up straight, compete in sporting events, and enjoy everyday life. They may cause developmental problems and reduce their physical activity. This may cause long-term health issues, including obesity and even heart disease. 

That's why it is so important to visit a chiropractic professional who fully understands your child and their back health. Starting early can help you correct persistent problems and give your child the best chance to grow into a strong and physically active adult. Our team understands these issues and is ready to work with you and your child to get them healthy again.

Treatments That May Help

If you want the child chiropractic care in Colorado Springs, CO, that your young one needs, you can trust Dr. Turkowski to provide it for you. His years of experience in pediatric chiropractic treatments can help your child recover from back problems and feel healthier and stronger. Our treatments include:

  • Careful adjustments based on your child's physical health
  • Child-based care that focuses on their needs specifically
  • Nutritional care that may help support a healthier body
  • Posture-based lessons that may improve your child's core strength
  • Physical therapy that may minimize some pain symptoms
  • Natural Therapies , not medication that will help with pain
  • Long-term monitoring of various back-related issues
  • Massage therapy to help stimulate blood flow in their bodies

These care options are a powerful way to help your young one overcome back-related health issues. At Simply Chiropractic, we understand how to provide this care for children. It takes a specialized approach to provide chiropractic care that meets a child's specific bodily needs.

Take Care of Your Child

If you want high-quality child chiropractic for your Colorado Springs, CO, child, please contact us at Simply Chiropractic right away to learn more. Dr. Turkowski has years of experience in his field and fully understands pediatric chiropractic care. Call us at 720-400-6337 to set up your appointment and to learn more about the multiple treatment options that may help your child stay strong.

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