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Have you had a sports injury, suffer from chronic pain, or have frequent headaches? If so, Dr. Chuck Turkowski, a family chiropractor serving Colorado Springs, CO, can help alleviate your pain without prescription medication. Chiropractor in Colorado Springs that has experience in relieving pain for so many can help you. 

What Is a Spinal Adjustment?

Spinal adjustment, also called spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment, is when a licensed chiropractor uses their hands or customized instruments to manipulate the spinal joint. This manipulation corrects the spine’s alignment, improving range of motion and restoring the body’s natural function.

Spinal manipulation has long been used to reduce pain and improve nerve function, with its earliest recordings dating back to 2700 B.C. China. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used manipulative techniques to treat a variety of spinal conditions. 

Dr. Turkowski uses spinal manipulation, in conjunction with other treatment modalities to promote optimal health. Is a chiropractic adjustment right for you? To help you answer that, we are going to take you through some of the top benefits of getting a chiropractic adjustment.

Lower Back and Neck Pain

Approximately 16 million Americans suffer from lower back pain, making it the 6th most expensive medical condition in the U.S.. Many patients turn to medication and surgery for their neck and lower back pain, with little to no relief. Chiropractic care is a safer, healthy alternative.


Sciatica refers to chronic pain that starts in the lower back and radiates down the buttocks and into the leg. Chiropractic treatment reduces pain and other sciatica symptoms by removing impingements from the sciatic nerves.

Headaches and Migraines 

When your spine is out of alignment, this can lead to inflammation, blockages in cerebrospinal fluid, and muscle tension. For many patients, this leads to migraines and tension headaches. Spinal manipulations are effective in providing headache and migraine relief. 


When your spine is misaligned, it can block nerves from doing their jobs. Chiropractic adjustments can help remove these blockages, relieving digestive conditions such as constipation, IBS, diarrhea, and heartburn. 

Athletic Performance

In order to do their jobs, athletes need their bodies in performance shape. Chiropractic treatment maintains balance in the musculoskeletal, nervous, and immune systems. Pain and inflammation are reduced, ensuring the athlete performs at the top of their game.

Children’s Health 

Spinal manipulation isn’t just for adults; infants and young children can benefit as well. Adjustments have been proven effective in treating:

  • Colic
  • Ear infections
  • Acid reflux

To learn more about how you can benefit from spinal adjustments, call (720)400-6337 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Turkowski and the staff at Simply Chiropractic of Colorado Springs, CO are here to help.

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